Why Choose US


At Juksan, we are determined to provide you with nothing but the best in embroidery design. This requires a world-class manufacturing unit equipped with the latest technology from across the world. This is where we stand ahead of competition. Our state-of-the-art machineries like the Lasser Computerised Shuttle Embroidery machines and high capacity shearing machines equipped with metal detectors enable us to stand true to our promise and deliver excellence.



Embroidery design is an absolute art, the fineness of which depends largely upon the hands that shape it. At Juksan, our team of craftsmen include the best hands of the industry whose experience and expertise help us craft nothing but perfection for you. You can easily differentiate between normal embroidery and Juksan embroidery by the sheer precision we bring into our products.



At Juksan, we understand that needs differ many a time from project to project and people to people. Thus we provide a gamut of products to our customers to fit into all their requirements.